Wansleydale Bizzie Bee
Breeder/Owner: Linda Taylor

Date of Birth: 9.11.2018

Stud Book Number: 0234DG

Colour: Tricolour bitch

BVA hip score: 5:6

BAER hearing test: normal hearing both ears

Major show awards: BPIS NESS championship 2019
res CC, MESS 2020
RBIS MESS Open 2022
res CC East of England 2022
Bitch CC & RBIS NESS 2022
Bitch CC & RBIS MESS Champ 2023

Pet name: Martha
Daraquist Billy Bong (6:6)Sh Ch Wansleydale Loganberry at Jolymore (3:3)Sh Ch Wansleydale Storm Magic JW (4:4)
Sh Ch Wansleydale Blackberry JW (6:5)
Daraquist By Jingo (6:4)Sh Ch Daraquist Down Under (4:6)
Fishwick Koko Kabana to Daraquist (6:6)
Sh Ch Wansleydale Queen Bee JW (7:8)Sh Ch Wansleydale King of Hearts at Bramstorm JW (3:7)Sh Ch Wansleydale Royal Flush JW (8:9)
Sh Ch Wansleydale Cloudberry at Bramstorm (5:5)
Sh Ch Wansleydale Scarlet Ribbon (5:6)Sh Ch Wansleydale Magic Star JW (6:4)
Moorbrook Blue Ribbon for Wansleydale (4:8)

Martha 9 weeks Practising show stand- 7 monthsMartha 7 months

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