Sh Ch Wansleydale Loganberry at Jolymore ShCM
Breeder: Linda Taylor

Owner: Mr & Mrs Jolley

Date of Birth: 19.6.2006

Stud Book Number: 2566CT

Colour: Blue belton dog

BVA hip score: 3:3

Major show awards: 3CCs, 1 res CC, Sh.CM

Pet name: Logan
Sh Ch Wansleydale Storm Magic (4:4)Wansleydale Storm Petrel (4:3)Sh Ch Elswood Seabreeze (6:8)
Sh Ch Wansleydale Lucky Star (7:9)
Wansleydale Peggy Sue (3:4)Bellesett Bo Diddley of Wansleydale 2CC (5:4)
Anlory Tangerine Tornado of Wansleydale (6:5)
Sh Ch Wansleydale Blackberry (6:5)Sh Ch Fencefoot Formal Gold (3:5)Ferrrysett Fancy Dancing at Bournehouse 2CC
Fencefoot Fancy Me
Sh Ch Wansleydale Blackbird (8:5)Sh Ch Mariglen Valentino (6:9)
Sh Ch Wansleydale Seabird (3:6)

Logan at 10 weeks Logan head studyLogan with Barbara at Crufts

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