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March 2023:

11th/13th March - Crufts. Terrible weather and thought I wasn't going to make it in time as snow was delaying the traffic on the M42 and the queues to get into the NEC carparks were huge. Then we had the 15 minute walk from the car to the halls with Guy dancing around because he had never seen snow before. We finally reached Hall 1 less than 10 minutes before judging commenced and luckily Nicola was ready and waiting to help me dry Guy off and clean up his slush covered legs and tail.

First in the ring at 10.00 was Barbara with Jason (Anlory Burano via Jolymore - owned in partnership) in the Veteran class. He looked great and moved so enthusiastically for a dog that is coming up to 9 years old - and Barbara moved just as well! They were awarded 2nd place and later in the day won the Good Citizens dog class.

Barbara with Jason

Rosie relaxing on her bench

Our class followed very soon after and thankfully Guy was just about fully dry and obviously caught the judge's eye as she not only gave him 1st prize but then later in the day he was awarded the Dog CC and eventually Best of Breed. This win gives him his Show Champion title - amazing to think that he has acheived this at such a young age (just 21mths old) and at 3 consecutive shows in less than 7 weeks.

standing ready for the judge

With the judge after being awarded Best of Breed

The bitch judging followed on with Chris and Mayzie (W.Mayfly) and Kinga with Jude (Pol.Ch W.Strega) both in the cards in their classes and Louise with Rosie (Wansleydale Amaretto) winning the Good Citizen bitch class.

Then it was the long wait for the Gundog Group judging and although he wasn't successful in securing a placing he took it all in his stride - the big ring, lights and crowds not overawing him. Fianlly after a very long day we got home just after 10.00pm!

waiting for the Group judging

and it was a long wait!

Back to the NEC on Saturday with Martha (W. Bizzie Bee) to do a session on the English Setter stand at Discover Dogs. It was very busy and so many people wanting to talk to us about the breed as well as cuddle Martha and Stella's girl Matilda.

As to be expected with English Setters they took it all in their stride and really enjoyed the attention- especially from the children.

Hopefully we have persuaded some people to consider getting a setter in the near future. This breed is still classed as "native vulnerable" with KC registrations worryingly low so to ensure it's long term future we need more new owners.
Jan & Feb 2023:

5th Feb - Midland English Setter Society, the first of the annual breed club championship shows.

Another great day with Guy and his mum, Martha, both winning their 2nd CCs. When it came to the challenge for BIS Guy took the top spot with Martha beating the reserve best dog for the Reserve Best in Show award - capably handled by Nicola.

There were also red rosettes for Linda with Rupert (W.Dorian Gray), Chris with Mayzie (W.Mayfly) and good placings for Kim with Gilbert (W.Skyfall) and Lousie with Flora (W.Mayflower)

Guy winning Best in Show with Judge Karen Sillence

Guy - 2nd CC MESS 2023

Martha - 2nd CC MESS 2023

Rupert -1st in Limit Dog

Mayzie - 1st in Tyro & Graduate Bitch

21st Jan - Manchester Championship show. A fantastic start for 2023. Guy wins his class and then goes on to take the dog CC. His mum, Martha, was also entered today - her first show since winning the bitch CC & RBIS at NESS last summer. She showed really well for me and was 2nd in limit, beaten by the eventual BOB winner.

Guy after winning his 1st CC

Guy 20mths - January 2023

6th Jan - Boston, first show of the year and I just went along to spectate. Good day for Linda and Rupert (W.Dorian Gray) winning Reserve Best Dog and an even better day for Chris and Jim with Mayzie (W. Mayfly) winning Best Bitch.

Linda with Rupert

Sept & October 2022:

27th October - Midland Cos Championship show at Stafford, the last show of 2022 for me so another good few weeks rest for my knees!

Only entered Guy, this was his final Junior class and today he was the only one entered but he received a lovely critique from the judge that finished by saying "one to watch for the future". So lets see what 2023 will bring for us!

9th October. East Anglian Gundog open show - Guy wins his classes and Best Of Breed along with his final point for his Junior Warrant award.

Guy - Best of Breed and Junior Warrant - poor picture quality due to lighting inside the venue.

17th & 18th September. A change from exhibiting - a short break in Krakow to catch up with the Wansleydales in Poland. There were two shows this weekend, shame it was a bit cold and rainy but Stella and I had a super time and were treated like VIPs!

Team Wansleydale had a very successful weekend with Dorota, Kinga and Zibby all winning top awards with their setters.

Kinga with Jude

Robin with a very wet me, Kinga, Dororta and judge

Ziiby and wife Basha with Bonnie

Bonnie (Int. Ch W Orszak Gold)

A kiss from Bonnie

"Team Wansleydale" in Poland

Another few weeks break from dog showing due to my knee problems but Wansleydales in other ownerships have kept the flag flying. Well done to Louise with W.Mayflower & Amaraetto, Andrea with W.Chartreuse for Hathermere, Anne with W.Bedazzled at Caleydene, Wendy with W.Beguilded of Loonbrae and Linda with W.Dorian Gray.
July & August 2022:

20th August - Lovely sunny day for the Southern English Setter Society open show at Chievely. Only showing Guy today to reduce the amount of running needed! He won his classes and the Reserve Best Dog award. Barbara won Best Veteran in show with our jointly owned Jason ( Anlory Burano via Jolymore) and my travelling companions, Yvonne and Stuart also had a great day winning Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show with their home bred Chanina Golden Rose.

Barbara with Jason winning Best Veteran

Guy was awarded Reserve Best Dog today. Photos SESS

16th July - Another very successful day at the Northern English Setter Society championship show. Guy wins his classes and the reserve CC again, but mum Martha goes one better and wins her 1st CC and the Reserve Best in Show award. Another Limit win for Linda and Rupert (W. Dorian Gray) and good placings for Louise with W. Mayflower and Anne with W. Bedazzled

Sadly my knees gave way again so for the time being no more dog shows!

10th July - East of England championship show at Peterborough. Super results today with both Guy and his mum Martha taking the reserve CCs. The day was only spoiled by my arthritic knees really playing up so many thanks to Stella for moving my dogs today.
June 2022:

19th June - off on holiday to the Canadian Rockies followed by a cruise up to Alaska. A lovely break with lots of wildlife viewing, two days on the Rocky Mountaineer railway, meeting up with old friends and a relaxing cruise to finish off. Only thing missing was the sunshine but we did see lots of snow!

We saw black bear and grizzly bear

great views of Moose

Hubbard Glacier

No championship shows for me personally this month due to painful knees but congratulations to all the Wansleydales in other ownershipswho were well placed at 3 Counties, Border Union, English Setter Society of Scotland, Blackpool and Windsor.

I just managed a couple of local Open shows with Guy, picking up another 2 points towards his Junior Warrant and at the Ashfield show, as well as winning his class he was awarded BOB and then later in the day Gundog Group 3.

on the move at in the Gundog Group at Ashfield

thanks to Dave Porter for these lovely photos

May 2022:

28th May - Bath championship show. Too far for me to travel for this show this year but a great result for Linda with Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW as he wins his first Reserve CC. Well done Rupert!

May 14th - Midland English Setter Society open show today. As Guy is 12mths old next week this is his last show as a puppy - he wins all 3 of his classes and RBPIS. Martha, who hasnt been shown since February 2020 due to covid lockdown and then having her first litter goes Reserve Best in Show!

Martha RBIS with the BIS winning bitch and the judge of Show

Guy- Best Puppy Dog and RBPIS

May 7th - Birmingham National Championship show - Best Puppy in Breed for Guy and then awarded the reserve Dog CC! What an acheivement as he is still only 11 months old- this makes him my youngest ever major award winner.

A successful day all round as W. Dorian Gray & W.Sky Angel at Felsett both went home with Red Cards today.

May 1st - Northern English Setter Society are running 2 open shows today, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, both with different judges. Just Guy entered again and he had a super day winning Best Puppy in Show and Reserve Best Dog at both shows.

Also enjoying their day were Ann's W. Bedazzled at Caleydene and Linda's W. Dorian Gray who had 1st and 2nd respectively in their classes.

Guy- Best Puppy in Show & Reserve Best Dog, with the BIS winning bitch and the judge of Show 1

Winners of Show 2 with the judge. Left to right - Res Best Bitch, Best Bitch & BIS, Best Dog and Guy- Res Best Dog & Best Puppy in Show

March & April 2022:

April 17th - another breed club championship show, this time The English Setter Association.

Another super day for Guy who won 3 classes and again was awarded Best Puppy in Show.

W. Dorian Gray and W. Sky Angel at Felsett were also well placed again today.

Guy after winning Best Puppy in Show at English Setter Assocation

April 10th - English Setter Society of Wales breed championship show. First time out for Martha (Wansleydale Bizzie Bee) for quite a time, she was a little overawed but showed well enough to be awarded 2nd place in a good Mid Limit class. All other Wansleydales were well placed today (W. Dorian Gray, W. Chartreuse for Hathermere, W. Sky Angel a Felsett, W. Mayfly & W.Bedazzled at Calydene).

But the star today was Guy who took the Best Puppy in Show award.

Guy who was Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show with the Best Puppy bitch and the breed judges.

April 3rd - Mansfield Open show at Newark. Best Puppy in Breed for Guy and also Gundog Puppy Group 4. Beginning to mature a little at last!.

March 13th - Crufts at the NEC. Only Guy entered this year and he came second in the Puppy class. Other Wansleydales were also all in the cards with a fabulous 1st place for Louise with Rosie (Wansleydale Amaretto).

Visiting English Setter breeders from Poland, but without their dogs this year, were Dorota and Kinga.

Kinga with Guy

January & February 2022:

Jan 7th - Boston Show. A 2nd for Guy in his puppy class but a lovely Best Bitch award for Louise with Wansleydale Amaretto Jan 21st - Manchester Championship show, Guy wins his Minor Puppy class and gets the first 3 points towards his Junior Warrant. Still looking quite immature against some of the other puppy dogs of a similar age.

Feb 5th - Midland England Setter championship show. Another win for Guy, he really seems to be getting the hang of this showing lark!

Guy winning Minor Puppy Dog class at MESS

20th Feb - off today for a lovely 2 week cruise in the Caribbean, due to covid it seems ages since we have been away.