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"Our Dogs" Top Breeder, Top Stud Dog & Top Brood Bitch 2017 & 2018

December 2019:

Happy Christmas to Everyone!

Rupert wins Dog of the Year at his local training club.

Linda with Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW

November 2019:

17th November - final show this year for me and we certainly finished on a high!

Southern English Setter championship show at Swindon. All Wansleydales in the cards today - a 4th for Barbara and Sonny in Veteran and a 2nd for Linda with Rupert in Post Grad Dog class. The girls were the stars today - a first and second for Martha ( W. Bizzie Bee) and also a lovely 1st prize in the Suntop Yearling Stakes; a first and second for Lousie with tricolour Rosie ( W.Ameretto) amother first for Yvonne with orange Rosie ( W. Magic Rose JW)

The Open bitch class was interesting as Star and litter sister Lizzy battled it out for first prize - Lizzy came on top winning the bitch CC & eventually Best in Show.

SESS Best in Show line up 2019 - BIS Sh Ch Wansleydale Queen Bee JW - Lizzy, second from the left

Wansleydale Amaretto

Wansleydale Magic Rose JW

Wansleydale Bizzie Bee

Sh Ch Wansleydale Queen Bee JW

16th November - Alice's pups are 6 weeks now , what a handful!

3 orange bitch pups

the one dog puppy

And 5 tricolour girls

9th November - another show day missed, this time Gundog Breeds of Scotland championship show and later in the day the English Setter Society of Scotland's Open show.

A lovely Best Puppy at both shows for Wendy with Persie( Wansleydale Beguilded) and 1st and 2nds for Linda with Rupert and Yvonne with Rosie.

Not too sad about missing the shows, more sorry to miss the "post show stay" in Northumberland and the lovely walks on the beach!

2nd November -Setter & Pointer championship show. One of my favourites but although I had entered this year I was unable to attend.

Still the Wansleydales had a good day - in the dog classes Wendy was second with Persie (W. Beguiled), Linda and Rupert won the Graduate class with Jeanette and Jos (W.Goldsmith) Reserve in Limit. Andrea and W. Chartreuse for Hathermere were in the cards again with a lovely 2nd in Graduate, and the 2 Rosies took 2nd and 4th in the Post Graduate bitch class.

Star of the day again was Team Glenmaurangi with Sh Ch Wansleydale Star Queen who won the Bitch CC, her 18!.
October 2019:

25th October - closer to home today, Midland Counties at Stafford showground

A lovely Limit win for Jeanette with Jos (Wansleydale Goldsmith) who then went on to win the Reserve CC. A return to the showring for Martha who was second in the Puppy Bitch class with litter sister, Howell's W.Be Misty For Me coming 5th. A reserve place today for Yvonne with Rosie but a first for our Lizzy ( Sh Ch Wansleydale Queen Bee JW ) who hasn't been shown for over 20 months.

Sh Ch Wansleydale Queen Bee JW - Lizzy

16th October - off to Malvern for Gundog Society of Wales championship show.
Another class win for Linda and Rupert, and also Yvonne with Rosie. Second places today for my dogs, Margo and Dash. Wasn't disappointed with Dash's second place as the class winner, Quensha Cowboys and Angels, went on to take the Dog CC and Best of Breed. This young orange boy is sired by Yvonne's "Charlie" (Sh Ch Wansleydale King's Magic JW) so it was really keeping it in the family. Reserve bitch CC winner was Sh Ch W Star Queen at Glenmaurangi - But our special winner today was Anne with Daisy (Wansleydale Bedazzled at Calydene ) whon won Best Puppy in Breed.

13th October - today it is the Semi Finals of the KC Junior Warrant competition held in London. Both Linda with Rupert and Yvonne with Rosie had qualified and although I would have liked to go and support them thought I had better stay at home and help David look after Alice and her puppies.

Sadly neither caught the judge's eye to win through to the final at Crufts 2020 but I am sure both put in a strong performance.

Linda with Rupert ( W. Dorian Gray) being assessed by the judge at the JW Competition Semi Finals

11th October - a long and very wet journey to Builth Wells for the South Wales KA championship show. Each year we say never again, this really is one of the worst journeys we make!

First prizes for Linda with W. Dorian Gray, Yvonne with W. Magic Rose and Andrea with W. Chartreuse for Hathermere. Barbara with Sonny was 2nd in Veteran. Star and Margo were both in the Open class, Star taking the Bitch CC and Best of Breed with Margo taking the reserve CC. So despite the weather it was a good day all round.

3rd October - Alice delivers her 9 pups in super fast time. Just 1 dog but 8 bitches!

1st October - arrived home to find, as expected, everything in order. Many thanks to Glen (G.M. Home and Pet Sitting) for looking after our pack so well. Alice is due to whelp very soon and is looking huge!

October 2019:

18th September - at last off on holiday, this time to Ecuador to visit the cloud forest and then the Galapogos Islands. Certainly not a beach holiday this time.

Land Iguana

Blue Footed Booby


"Meeting" Charles Darwin

Giant Galapagos tortoise

David's birthday on board

15th September - off up to Darlington show. All a bit of a rush as we are off on holiday next week and almost as soon as we return Alice is due to have her puppies so having to get everything prepared in advance.
Another Best Puppy Dog award for Persie and 1st in Post Graduate for Linda with Rupert. In the bitch classes the Howell's W. Be Misty for Me was 2nd in Puppy and so gained her Crufts 2020 qualification. Anne Dykes Daisy (W. Bedazzled of Cayledene) litter sister to Misty and Persie, was also in the cards.
Yvonne with Rosie won Post Graduate bitch with the Roberts W.Frangelica for Mirkwood taking 3rd place in the same class.
I won the Limit class with Margo and Sh Ch W. Star Queen at Glenmaurangi was 2nd in Open and then awarded the reserve CC.
So all in all a great day - well done everyone!

8th September - didn't fancy the long journey to Richmond championship show so stayed home and looked forward to seeing the results online.
Best Puppy Dog for Wendy with Persie (Wansleydale Beguiled) A first for Louise with tricoloured Rosie (W. Amaretto) in Special Beginners but only a 5th place today for Yvonne with the other Rosie (W. Magic Rose)

1st September - Birmingham Championship show at Stonleigh. Just Dash entered today, and what a day he had!

First he wins his class, then the Dog CC and finally Best of Breed. Can't quite believe it!

The other Wansleydales shown today were all in the cards in strong competition. Well done all.

August 2019:

26th August- well what a long weekend for Linda and Rupert (Wansleydale Dorian Gray)

Over 1000 miles travelled but thankfully some nice results for them!

They started the bank holiday with Best of Breed at North Riding Gundog Open show, also winning the Members Stakes class. Next day the long drive to Edinburgh for SKC Chanpionship show. No CCs on offer at this show today but still some quality dogs entered - Linda was thrilled to win the Best Dog award. Onto the final day and Reserve Best of Breed at Scunthorpe Open show. Well done - you must be exhausted!

Rupert - Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW

18th August - Welsh Kennel Club championship show. This show is at Builth Wells, long drive away so decided to give it a miss. Another lovely 1st today for Andrea with Wansleydale Chartreuse for Hathermere, and another reserve CC for team Glenmaurangi with Star.

Andrea with Wansleydale Chartreuse for Hathermere

Across in Ireland Brendan has a great day with Robin ( Int Ch Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood) winning Best of Breed at Clonmel championship show and then being awarded 2nd place in the gundog Group. Congratulations on another super Group placing.

11th August - great news from Bournemouth championship show, Jeanette wins the Reserve Dog CC with Jos (Wansleydale Goldsmith).

Jos - no photo from today's show, but a nice one from ESA last year!

A lovely day for Dorota with the tricolour Robin (Polish Junior Champion Wansleydale Maraschino) at the Sopot Championship show, CAC & reserve CACIB. A nice birthday present - Happy Birthday to the " liquer litter" - 2 years old today!

4th August - National Gundog Championship show at Malvern. Our Martha (W. Bizzie Bee) wins the Minor Puppy class with litter sister Howell's W.Be Misty for Me coming 4th in puppy. Sh Ch W. Star Queen of Glenmaurangi was 2nd in Open.

But our star today was Margo (Wansleydale Margarita) who wins the bitch CC and Best of Breed.

Wansleydale Margarita

Margo being awarded Best of Breed at National Gundog 2019

Taking a rest from the Championship shows today was Linda with Rupert (W.Dorian Gray). A great result for at Wombwell CS open show with a Gundog Group 1 win!

3rd August - I didn't fancy the long drive to Paignton championship today but so pleased to hear that Star was back on top form and took her 15th CC and Best of Breed. Also having a good day was Jeannette with Jos (W. Goldsmith) who was 2nd in Limit Dog.

Kerry, Angela & Tereza's Sh Ch Wansleydale Star Queen at Glenmaurangi

Across in Poland it was a special day for Kinga & Dorota - Jude wins the final award necessary for her Polish Champion title. Well done Champion Wansleydale Strega!

Jude - top of the pile!

Polish Champion Wansleydale Strega - Jude

July 2019:

28th July - Leeds championship show at Harewood House. Linda and Rupert continue their winning ways with a 1st in Post Graduate Dog. Martha wins the Minor Puppy bitch class and Margo is 3rd in Limit Bitch. The Graduate bitch class was very interesting, 3 of Margo's pups were competing in this class and they came away with the first 3 places - 1st to Andrea with W. Chartreuse for Hathermere, 2nd to Ruth & Jeff with W. Frangelico for Mirkwood and 3rd for Roger & Amanada's W.Cointreau for Shadymore. Special congratulations to Andrea as she was shortlisted for the bitch CC.

21st July - Southern English Setter Society open show, a lovely day for Barbara and Sonny (Wansleydale Tribute to Jolymore) winning Reserve Best Dog and Best Veteran in Show.

Barbara and Sonny, BVIS SESS 2019

Wansleydale Tribute to Jolymore at 9 years old

Also, congratulations to Linda and Rupert (W. Dorian Gray) on their Best of Breed and Gundog Group 3 today at York Canine Society.

20th July - Northern English Setter Society championship show at Stafford. Well, what a day - I think our most successful in my 40 years of dog showing!

First championship show for Martha and off to a great start with her winning the Minor Puppy bitch class. Today was the show debut for Martha's litter sister Misty owned by Gareth & Maggie Howell (W.Be Misty for Me)and also in the same class was the third litter sister, Anne Dyke's Daisy (W. Bedazzled at Caleydene). So nice that all 3 were in the cards. Thrilled to look across the hall to the dog ring to see litter brother Persie (W. Beguiled) win the Minor Puppy Dog class for owner Wendy Johnson.

Martha - Wansleydale Bizzie Bee

Litter brother Persie - Wansleydale Beguiled

Next in the ring was Dash who won the Graduate dog class and then later in the day was awarded the reserve dog CC, his 4th such award this year. But again, following on from her 2 recent Best in Show awards at open shows Margo goes one better - wins her class, then her first CC and finishes up Best in Show!

To make a great day even more special, puppy Martha goes on to win the Best Puppy in Show award. Many thanks to Stella for showing her so beautifully while I concentrated on Margo.

Dash winning reserve best dog - Best dog today was a son of Luke so keeping it in the family!

NESS BIS line up with Margo as BIS & Martha as BPIS

Thanks to NESS for use of photos.

Also in the cards today was Jeanette with Jos (W. Goldsmith) and Stella with Peaches (W. Fairie Queen at Bramstorm). Well done all.

When judging was over a group of us took our dogs out into one of the large show paddocks on the show ground and 10 or 12 setters had a great time chasing one another around to run off steam. It was really a lovely sight to see them enjoying themselves so much. Thanks to Gareth for the photos.

All 4 of the pups from Lizzy's litter, 8 months old and all in the cards at the show today

The puppies and friends burning up some energy after judging today

14th July - English Setter Association open show. A busy day with committee work to do as well as show Margo and puppy Martha.

A really enjoyable show with a lovely atmosphere and so nice to see several new exhibitors out with their puppies.

Both of our girls had a very sucessful day - Martha won her class and also the best Minor Puppy in Show award and Margo took the top spot - Best in Show.

Best in Show line up, ESA Open Show 2019

Main winners, Judges & ESA officers

Martha at ESA show

Thanks to ESA and Chris Bird for use of photos

13th July - congratulations to Brendan, Best of Breed and Group 3 with Robin (Int Ch Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood) at the Ladies Irish Kennel association show today.

11/12th July - a couple of enjoyable trips out to see puppies from Dash's 2nd and 3rd litters. His first litter was lovely and produced a stunning dog puppy that is going to Germany and will hopefully be shown in Europe, these subsequent litters also look very promising. Always nice to see what a new young stud dog is producing to bitches of differing breed lines.

Pick of litter dog puppy - litter 1

Bitch puppy - litter 2

Dog Puppy - litter 2

Litter 3 at 6 weeks old - there are 10 puppies in this litter but I can only see 9!

9th July - Dukeries Gundog open show , her first show today for our puppy Martha (W.Bizzie Bee). She was a little over awed but showed well enough to catch the judge's eye and win the class. A lovely start to her show career - long may it continue!

7th July - off with Dash and Margo today for East of England championship show held near Peterborough. After the long trip in heavy traffic to Windsor last week this show felt relatively local to me.

A 1st and 2nd place in Graduate dog for Dash and Rupert, 2nd for Anne with Daisy (W. Bedazzled for Caleydene) in the Minor Puppy bitch class, a lovely 1st for Yvonne with orange Rosie ( W. Magic Rose JW) and a 3rd in Open for Stella with Peaches (W. Fairie Queene at Bramstorm) Margo was alone in her class so had no competition to take 1st place!

June 2019:

29th June - a long hot day at Windsor championship show. Fabulous showground with stunning views of Windsor Castle.

Some strange ring procedures from today's judge but we all came away with a prize card but no major awards!

22nd June - Can't believe that we have not taken any photos of our new puppy Martha since she was about 9 weeks old! Finally managed to remedy that - let me introduce Wansleydale Bizzie Bee who hopefully will be in the show ring soon.

Wansleydale Bizzie Bee - Martha at 7 months

Sire, Daraquist Billy Bong - Dam, Sh Ch Wansleydale Queen Bee JW

16th June - At the Austrian Winners show Bonnie (Int Ch Wansleydale Orszak Gold) wins Best Bitch and Reserve CACIB.

14th/15th June - up to Northumberland today in readiness for the 2 shows tomorrow at Kelso. Been a busy time getting them ready - 4 dogs to trim and bath!

First show in the morning was the Border Union championship show. Only Scarlet entered at this one and she was awarded Best Veteran.
Championship show debuts for Daisy and Persie, two of the pups from Lizzy's last litter. A second for Anne and Daisy in the Minor Puppy Bitch class and a Best Puppy Dog award for Wendy with Persie.

Persie- Wansleydale Bequiled


Daisy - Wansleydale Bedazzled at Caleydene

Rupert and both of the Rosies were well placed and Star (Sh Ch W Star Queen of Glenmaurangi) won the Open Bitch class.

Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW

Linda with Rupert

Yvonne with Wansleydale Magic Rose JW

Louise with tricolored Rosie

Rosie - Wansleydale Amaretto

Sh Ch Wansleydale Scarlet Ribbon JW on her way to Best Veteran

Scarlet and daughter Star in the Challenge, lovely to get a photo of them both in the ring together

The second show today was the English Setter Society of Scotland's championship show held as soon as the judging of the Border Union show was completed.

Another successful show for us all with Persie, Daisy, both Rosies and Rupert in the cards.

Lovely 1st places for Margo (W.Margarita) and Dash (W.Quicksilver JW) who later in the day went on to win the Reserve Dog CC, his 3rd so far this year.

Scarlet won her class and again was Best Veteran in Show and Tereza with Star won the bitch CC and Best in Show!

BIS line up ESSS 2019, Best Veteran- Sh Ch W. Scarlet Ribbon, BIS- Sh Ch W. Star Queen of Glenmaurangi, RBIS- Sh Ch Tattersett Galileo, Best Puppy- Gemsett Ice Cold in Alex

This actually turned out to be quite a family affair! Star Queen is the daughter of Scarlet and Luke (Sh Ch W. King of Hearts at Bramstorm) Luke is also the sire of Galileo. Luke's father is Sh Ch W. Royal Flush making him grandfather to Star and Galileo and amazingly also grandfather to Best Puppy Alex. Not forgetting that Scarlet is also mother of the the reserve Best Dog, Dash - our W. Quicksilver

9th June - 3 Counties championship show at Malvern. Managed to dodge most of the rain showers so judging was outside but by the end of the morning it was pouring with rain and we all had to move into the cattle sheds!
Dash was our Star today winning his Graduate class and then the reserve Dog CC. Star, Alice and Rosie all were in the cards getting a first, second and third respectively in their classes. Best of Breed today was the McKiernan's Sh Ch Richecca Breaking Dawn over Bushbane who is sired by Luke (Sh Ch Wansleydale King of Hearts at Branstorm JW). This is the 5th of Luke's offspring to win a CC this year already!

To finish off a good day Dash was 4th in the Good Citizens stakes class and won a tenner!

Wansleydale Quicksilver JW in the stakes class

On the move!

Dash has recently sired 3 litters, the oldest of which are now 9 weeks and off to their new homes. I went to see them when they were 7 weeks old and their breeder, Jane at Mariglen, has kindly sent me these photos of the dog pup that for me was pick of litter. I think he has becone even more handsome over the last 2 weeks!

8th June- a local open show, Asfield. This should have been the show debut for our new puppy Martha but the rain was so heavy decided not to go.
Linda and Rupert braved the elemnts and won Best of Breed and Group 4.

9th June - Another good day for Kinga and Jude, CAC & reserve CACIB at Bytom in Poland

1st & 2nd June - another Best of Breed for Bonnie in Poland, this time at Uzarzewo. Nearer to home Linda and Rupert win Best AVNSC and Gundog Group 2 at Rippon.

Making his show debut today was Persie (Wansleydale Bequiled) the only dog puppy from Lizzy's litter. He went off to live in Scotland with Wendy and Gavin and of course his dad Hektor (Daraquist Billy Bong) Great start to his show career with 1st prize in Gundog Minor Puppy at St Andrews & Culpar show.

Int.Ch. Wansleydale Orszak Gold - Bonnie

Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW - Rupert

Wansleydale Beguiled - Persie

May 2019:

29th May - a visit today from one of the puppies from Lizzy's litter born last November. Misty came for her first trim, was a good girl on the grooming table and later thoroughly enjoyed herself playing with her sister Martha, our puppy from the litter.

Wansleydale Be Misty for Me, owned by Gareth & Maggie Howell

Misty and Martha playing

24th May - Bath Championship Show. This show society own their own showground and as usual it was pristine with large , level rings all freshly mowed and big airy marquees.
It was a 2nd for W. Goldsmith today with Rosie(orange) winning 4th in Graduate and Rosie(tricolour) winning 2nd in Post Graduate which gives her Crufts 2020 qualification.

Whisper and Star battled it out in the Open class with Whisper taking the top spot today along with that all important 3rd CC and Star winning the Reserve CC. This win with Whisper gives us our 26th UK Show Champion - what a year we are having!

Our latest champion - Sh Ch Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale JW

19th May, back home from Scotland in time for the Midland English Setter open show at Baginton near Coventry. Always a lovely show and we were just lucky enough with the weather for judging to be completed outdoors in the large grass ring before the rain started.

Lovely to see such a well filled minor puppy bitch class, Anne with Daisy (Wansleydale Bedazzled at Caleydene) at just 6 months was making her show debut and behaved very well to take 3rd place.

Scarlet had one of her rare outings and won Veteran Bitch with Yvonne and (orange)Rosie taking the Yearling class. Lousie with (tricolour) Rosie also went home with several cards.

But our star today, following on from her Reserve Best in Show award at the MESS November show last year was Margo, who went one better to take the Best in Show award this time.

MESS open show Best in Show line up 2019

Louise with W. Ameretto (Tricolour Rosie)

W. Bedazzled at Caleydene, baby Daisy

Yvonne with W.Magic Rose JW (Orange Rosie)

Scarlet- Sh Ch Wansleydale Scarlet Ribbon JW

Margo- Wansleydale Margarita, Best in Show

Thanks to MESS for photos

17th May - quick trip up to SKC at Ingliston. Disappointingly low entry but still some top dogs there. Pleased to win Open with Alice and the reserve bitch CC. A first for Yvonne with Rosie and a second for Linda and Rupert in the biggest class of the day. Lovely walks on the beach and in the dunes at Bamburgh later that day.

11th May, Travelling down from Scotland so did not enter Birmingham National Championship show. First prizes for Yvonne with orange Rosie (W. Magic Rose JW) and Louise with tricolour Rosie (W. Ameretto) and second placings for Jeff with litter sister Rachel ( W. Frangelico for Mirkwood) and for Barbara with Sonny in the Veteran class ( W. Tribute to Jolymore)

We stopped off on our journey south at Perth and had lunch with Wendy and Gavin and had the chance to meet up with puppy Persie who is now 6 months old. He is from Lizzy's litter and I haven't seen since he was 10 weeks, although I have seen lots of photos!.

What a lovely puppy - and what a big boy he already is!

Persie (W. Beguiled) at 7 weeks

Much bigger now and still some more growing to do.

Persie 5mths and looking very handsome.

10th May - coming to the end of our week in the Cairngorms. The GSPs, Lottie and Karla, have had a great time and are shattered after long walks in the forest and by the River Spey everyday.

I had the opportunity to catch up with an old school friend of mine and suprisingly we finished the week meeting up with an old school friend of Kinga's from Poland who now lives in Grantown on Spey, just a few hundred yards from the hotel we were staying in! So one of our final walks was with Natalia.

Enjoying the forest walks with Natalia

The beautiful River Spey

Very tired Lottie and Karla

4th May - Northern English Setter open shows , missing these 2 shows as we are travelling up to the Scottish Highlands for a weeks stay.

First prizes today for Linda with Rupert, Jeff with Rachel and Amanda with Molly.

Linda with W. Dorian Grey JW

W. Frangelico for Mirkwood

W. Cointreau for Shadymore

April 2019:

30th April -the Polish Setter and Pointer Club championship show. A super day for the Wansleydales that live in Poland.

The 2 youngsters, Robin and sister Jude, both won the CWC.

Kinga handling Robin ( W.Maraschino )

Kinga and RobinJude ( W.Strega)

But the star today was Bonnie who won Best of Breed and then went onto Best in Show. Well done everyone!

Int Ch Wansleydale Orszak Gold, Bonnie

Bonnie winning BIS

There was even a competition for Best Kennel Group at this show. Guess what - Team Wansleydale took the award!

Robin, Bonnie and Jude

handlers Kacper, Zib & Kinga

28th April - WELKS Championship show at Malvern. Full car today as Ingrid with her boy Acer and litter sister Silva are travelling with me and my 2 girls.

A very special day today as Alice wins that all important 3rd CC to make her a Show Champion. Co owner Diane and I are thrilled.
Whisper won the Open class, Rupert was 2nd in Yearling, Louise with tricolour Rosie won Special Beginners, Robin (from Ireland) was second in Open Dog and Ingrid with Acer was 3rd in Limit. Silva was shorlisted in a very large competitive class so a great day for us all.

Our 25th UK Show Champion - Wansleydale Yellow Ribbon (Alice)

Alice with litter mates Acer and Silva at WELKS 2019

Over in Poland at the Opole CACIB show Int Ch Wansleydale Orszak Gold (Bonnie) wins Best Bitch.

21st April - a lucky show for Linda with Rupert (W. Dorian Gray) Bridlington show today. Last year Rupert won Best Puppy in Show here, today he goes one better and wins Best in Show!

14th April, English Setter Association championship show. Missed this show as we were sunning ourselves in Thailand! I enjoyed sitting by the pool reading the show results online.
Best in Show to Star Queen yet again, with reserve Best in Show to Tattersett Galileo. This was Galileo's 3rd CC and his Show Champion title making him the 5th champion offspring sired by Luke (Sh Ch Wansleydale King of Hearts at Bramstorm JW).

First prizes also today for W. Magic Rose and W. Goldsmith with W. Dorian Gray, W. Ameretto and Int Ch W. Woodpecker at Berrywood well placed in their classes.

ESA Best in Show line up 2019

Wansleydale Goldsmith -Jos, Mid Limit winner

Sh Ch Wansleydale Star Queen of Glenmaurangi BISWansleydale Magic Rose JW -Rosie, Yearling winner

Thanks to ESA and Chris Bird for the use of Photos.

7th April, English Setter Society of Wales championship show. A really enjoyable show and great results for us. Dash won his Yearling stakes class, W.Frangelico and her litter sisters Ameretto and Chartreuse were in the cards as was W.Magic Rose and W. Faierie Queen at Bramstorm.
Once again Star takes Best in Show, with Alice winning the Reserve Bitch CC and Jeanette and Jos winning the Reserve Dog CC. Sadly no photos.
March 2019:

31st March, A successful Warsaw show for Robin & Jude, both winning the CAC/CACIB.


9th March - here we go again! 6.30am and we are back on our way to Crufts. This time for the International Junior Handling Competition - we have loaned Whisper for the day, and we are joining Stella with Peaches (Wansleydale Faerie Queene with Bramstorm) who is also on loan.

These junior handlers are so proficient, hard to believe that some are only 12 years old.

Whisper's handler was a young lady from Malta, only 14 years old, named Riona Manicaro.The handler only gets about 30 minutes to meet the dog before they have to enter the big ring at Crufts. Riona was so gentle with Whisper and soon developed a rapport with her. She made a really good job of handling her, must be very nerve wracking for these youngsters as they leave the relative quiet of the "behind the scenes" collecting ring and go through the tunnel to the main ring with all the bright lights, TV cameras and huge audience in tiered seating that goes up to the roof!. I'm sure it's also a bit overwhelming for the dogs but Riona managed Whisper in a calm, reassuring manner and I think they both enjoyed the experience.

Peaches was handled by a young lady for Ireland, Sarah Cushley, who also did a great job. Sadly neither were selected for the final placings but congratulations to the both , they were great!.

While all of this was going on Stella, Yvonne and I were browsing the trade stands, eating, and making friends with one of the BBC presenters, Radzi. Until a few years ago Radzi was a Blue Peter presenter - no Blue Peter badges today though!

Riona handling Whisper in the International Junior Handling Crufts 2019

Me, Stella and Radzi

8th March - complete change today, took our visitors to Sherwood Forest, after all Dorota's Robin is named after Robin Hood! Had a lovely walk with 4 of the dogs through the Forest to see the Major Oak.

Dorota & Kinga at Sherwood Forest Visitor's Centre with muddy Lottie, Karla, Scarlet & Dash. And not forgetting Robin Hood!

7th March - Crufts Gundog Day at the NEC. Early start with Margo and Whisper, picked up Ingrid with Acer on the way and then delayed in heavy traffic. Luckily Dorota and Kinga are over from Poland and they were waiting for us at the NEC entrance to help us get the dogs, bags and cages safely inside. Our show results were much as I expected, a 3rd for Margo, 5th for Whisper, 2nd for Linda with Rupert, 5th for Acer and a 3rd for Stuart and Yvonne's Rosie.

Margo, Wansleydale Margarita, Crufts 2019

Margo showing her perfect topline and slashing tail

Whisper, Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale being assessed by the judge

Whisper on the move, exhuberant as ever

Linda with Rupert, Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW

Ingrid with Acer, Wansleydale Ace of Hearts over IngellaYvonne with Rosie, Wansleydale Magic Rose JW

Continuing on her amazing winning run and flying the flag for us was Star, Sh Ch Wansleydale Star Queen at Glenmaurangi, who won Best Bitch and Best of Breed. As usual she looked stunning and really showed her socks off - many congratulations to owners Angela, Tereza and Kerry.

Tereza handling Star to Best Bitch

Best of Breed line up Crufts 2019Proud owners Angela & Tereza with the lovely Star

Many thanks to Kacper for the photos

A really long but enjoyable day, left home at 6.15am and arrived back at 7.30pm with our Polish visitors, Dorota and Kinga and had a lovely supper of good old British Fish and Chips!

February 2019:

24th Feb - Judging today at The Yorkshire Gundog Club show up in Bradford. Really good entry with many top quality dogs on show. I was judging Irish Setters, the Variety Stakes classes and eventually Best in Show. Really spoilt for choice as the breed judges had sent through some super Best of Breed and Best Puppy winners for me to choose from.

My final choices were a GSP for Best in Show (very similar breeding to my GSPs so no wonder I liked her!) and an Irish Red & White Setter for Best Puppy in Show. Really enjoyed my day and will follow the progress of my main winners as their show careers develop.

Best in Show - Dawn Elrington's Barleyarch Dorito

10th Feb - In Poland it continues to be a good start to 2019 for Jude and Robin at Katowice

A lovely first CACIB and BOB for Kinga with Jude (Pol Ch Wansleydale Strega) and Junior BOB and Best Opposite Sex for Dorota with litter brother Robin (Pol Ch Wansleydale Maraschino)

"The Twins" winning at Katowice

But it was Jude today who took the Top Spot

3rd Feb - First of the breed championship shows, Midland English Setter Society at Stonleigh. I love this show as it always so friendly. Added bonus is that we usually do well there! This year was no exception with all Wansleydales in the cards including our Dash who won the Special Yearling class.
However it was an even more fabulous day for Jeanette with Jos (Wansleydale Goldsmith) who won his first CC. Across in the bitch ring it was Star yet again who was awarded the Best Bitch award, after winning the Open Bitch class with Whisper coming second.

It was lovely to see Jos and Star challenging for Best in Show, with Star taking the top award. She really is on a roll at the moment!.

Wansleydale Goldsmith - Dog CC & Reserve BIS

Wansleydale Quicksilver JW - winner of Special Yearling classSh Ch Wansleydale Star Queen of Glenmaurangi Bitch CC & BIS

MESS Best in Show 2019, Jeanette & Jos and Tereza & Star with the judges. Thanks to MESS for the photos

In fact it was all a bit of a family affair as the Best Puppy in Show winner was a 6 month old daughter of Wansleydale Solitary Bee among Alofrana who has recently been returned to us for rehoming.

January 2019:

27th Jan - the show scene has also started across in Poland. Early success for Kinga with Jude who wins the CWC and Best Opposite Sex. Must get more clarification from Dorota and Kinga on the Polish awards system - it is so different to the UK.

Kinga with Polish Champion Wansleydale Strega

The lovely Jude

Last November Lizzy (Sh Ch Wansleydale Queen Bee JW) had a lovely litter of pups sired by Hecktor (Daraquist Billy Bong) Now it's time for them to go off to their new homes - leaving just one behind for us, the dak tri bitch who we have called Martha.

Blue Bitch Puppy

Light Tri Bitch PuppyDark Tri Bitch puppyAnd the only Dog Puppy

Hopefully we will see them in the show ring towards the end of the summer.

19th January - My first show of the year and we are off to a great start. Just Dash (Wansleydale Quicksilver JW) entered today but he not only wins his class but goes on to be awarded the Reserve Dog CC. Later in the day he wins second place in the Good Citizens stakes class and 25 prize money!

All in all a great day for us with W.Magic Rose wining her class and Ingrid winning Limit dog with Acer (Wansleydale Ace of Hearts over Ingella); second in the same class was the Sketchley's Wansleydale Frazer.

Continuing her winning ways was Star who won the bitch CC, her 10th, Best of Breed and was later shortlisted in the Gundog Group.

Star in the Group Ring

A lovely head shot of Star

More good news to start the year- confirmation from the Carty family that Robin (Int Sh Ch Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood is confirmed as the 2018 Annual Champion (number 1 English Setter)in Ireland. Many congratulations.

A good start to the year with confirmation that Stuart & Yvonne's Wansleydale Magic Rose (Rosie) has acheived the final points needed for her Junior Warrant

Boston Championship show saw her win both of her classes and then her first Reserve Best Bitch award, only beaten by Tereza with Star (Sh Ch Wansleydale Star Queen at Glenmaurangi) who then went onto take BOB. Well done girls!

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