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December 2012:

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Wansleydale!

December 16th - LKA show at the NEC. Luke and Lottie entered and they enjoyed their first ride on a bus between the carparks and the exhibition halls. This was Luke's final show in Junior and again he won his class - he has never been beaten in any breed class since his first appearance in the show ring back in April. This is quite an acheivement - in total he has won 19 championship show and 4 open show first prizes, gaining Best puppy in Show awards along the way and being named as MESS " Pup of the Year 2012".

Luke winning his final Junior class at LKA

As usual, many thanks to Nick Darley for another great photo.

After winning her way out of Post Graduate this was Lottie's first appearance in Limit and she did very well to gain 2nd place in a strong class. Let's hope she can continue to make her presence felt in 2013.

December 2nd - returned home from our cruise this morning - landed at Heathrow at 6.00am. When we left Barbados yesterday evening the temperature was 32c, it was -3c in London this morning! By the time we arrived home at Nottingham it was lunch time and as I didn't feel too jet lagged and the NESS show was only a few stops up the M1 from me I decided to go and meet up with my very kind " dogsitters" and collect my animals. I arrived just in time to see Nigel win the limit bitch class with Amber and soon learnt that Lynne had won junior bitch with Scarlet and that Stella had won 2 classes with Luke giving him his final point for his Junior Warrant.

Lynne with Scarlet

Stella with LukeNigel with Amber

The icing on the cake was watching Nigel handle Amber to the reserve CC in the bitch challenge! A very special thank you to all 3 for showing my dogs and extra special thanks to Lynne and Nigel for taking such good care of them while I was away and for trimming, bathing and presenting them for this show so well.Thanks to Tereza for the photos.

November 2012:

November 14th - off to the sun again with a 2 week cruise to Costa Rica, Panama canal and 8 or 9 Caribbean islands. A great holiday for me but work for David. By chance Barbara and Graham Jolley were also on this cruise with a couple of their close friends and so they were around to help me celebrate my birthday onboard. Amazingly there was another lady on board who also used to show English Setters many years ago - she won a CC with a homebred setter and used to travel to shows with Fran Grimsdell in the 1980s . Her name was Pat Jordan and her affix was Patrisetta and as soon as she introduced herself I could remember seeing her around the shows.

A birthday cake and serenade from the crew!

Barbara and Graham joining in!

Don't we all "scrub up" well!

November 3rd - Setter & Pointer championship show held at Coventry. Luke won junior dog but only 2 in the class so that elusive Junior warrant point is still required. Scarlet was placed second in junior bitch with litter sister Lacie 3rd. Star of the day was Amber who won her limit class and then the bitch CC - her second. Fingers crossed that all important third CC is not too far away.

Scarlet, 15mths

Luke, 16mthsAmber winning the CC

October 2012:

October 27th - Yolande Falise made the long drive over from Belgium with Paige ( Wansleydale for Vanquish) to exhibit at Midland Counties show at Stafford. Unfortunately Paige developed a "dead tail" and despite having pain killers it was still causing her pain at the show. She was placed 4th in her limit class - dissaponting as a 3rd place would have qualified her for Crufts which is what Yolande was hoping for. Luke won both of his classes and I only just made it in time to the GSP ring to show Lottie. She won post graduate and has now won out of that class and will have to go in Limit from now on. Had a lovely evening catching up on the overseas gossip with Yoland and polishing off a few pizzas and drinks!. Didn't envy her the long drive home the next day.

September 2012:

September 21st - Terrible weather today for the drive to Wetherby racecourse for Driffield show. All judging was inside the marquees as the rain continued, so far from ideal showing conditions. A third for Logan - this was his last limit class as his previous wins now mean that at future shows he has to compete in the open class; first in Good Citizens class for his son Sonny, second for Scarlet in Junior- she is totally out of coat and looking very immature, and another class win for Lottie in post-gradaute GSP.

September 18th - can't believe it, the BVA HD results arrived in the post this morning -less than 3 weeks since the xrays were taken. Such a relief to see that all 4 scores are good. GSPs Lottie and Karla have 3:3 & 4:3 respectively, Luke has 3:7 and Scarlet 5:6. So glad that that is out of the way!
This is the first time my dogs have been xrayed/scored using the new digital system instead of conventional x ray films. The xray is captured as a digital image and sent to the BVA for assessment on a computer disc - after scoring the discs were then sent to me along with the BVA certificates. This is going to make storage so much easier - no more big xrays to keep and also much more convenient for us owners to view our dogs hips as no xray viewer is required. Gone are the days of holding the xray up to the window or a bright light - just load the disc onto your computer.

September 16th - Travelled up to Darlington show with Paula and her viszla, Vale. Second today for Logan in limit and also a second in open for the Watkin's litter brother Rooney (Rowanberry). Vale was second in Viszla post graduate and Lottie won her post graduate GSP class so all in all a good day.

September 10th - We never got round to getting any tickets for the Olympics and spent many hours watching all sorts of sport on the TV. David is keen on the cycling and today it was like the Olympics coming to us - we had the Tour of Britain cycle race coming right past the house

Linda with the neighbours getting the flags ready

Peloton approaching

Mark Cavendish just behind the peloton leader

It's amazing the speed they travel even when not in"sprint mode"-the peloton passing Wansleydale

September 9th - A long journey to Richmond show with Irish Setter friends Nigel and David. Quite a full car because we also had 5 dogs with us! Disappointing today as Logan went lame in the ring and so was withdrawn from his class but better luck with Scarlet as she won the junior class. Star of the day was definitely Karla who won a large limit class - it has taken her a long time to be happy at the shows but here she was very relaxed and on top form.

Sept 2nd - Birmingham show at Stonleigh and another sucessful day. First prize for Logan in limit, 3rd in open for litter brother Rowanberry, 2nd in limit bitch for Amber and a quick dash to the GSP ring for Lottie to win 1st in the post graduate class.

August 2012:

August 29th - Mango and Lychee are 4months old today and are now beginning to look like young cats instead of kittens.This is a rare moment when both are still at the same time!

Hip scoring day today - Lottie, Karla, Luke and Scarlet are all off to the vets for their xrays. Fingers crosses that that the results will be good!

August 19th - a few days away in Northumberland and time for long walks on the beaches and in the dunes

Typical of our walks - not a dog in sight!

There they are, returning from the other side of the creek!

Luke and Scarlet having their own Olympic sprint through the dunes at Low Newton

August 4th - National Gundog championship show at Malvern. This was Scarlet's last appearance as a puppy as she is 12mths old today and she finished her puppy career off in fine style by winning her puppy bitch class and then went on to win best puppy in breed. She now has 5 Best Puppy in Breed at championship shows resulting in her overtaking Luke as leader in the "Our Dogs" Top Puppy competition.

Karla also did well for us winning a 4th in a strong limit class.

No such luck for Amber or Logan - Logan probably has other things on his mind as he is going to be a daddy again soon!. He has recently mated 3 bitches - the first of which has been scanned for 7 puppies. Please contact Barbara for more details (

Logan in his limit class

Logan showing his paces

August 1st - A visit to Bakewell show with neighbour Jane and her Border Terrier, Ronnie. I haven't been to this show for many years but it was a great day out and Jane and I enjoyed ourselves sampling lots of cheese and other goodies. Despite the poor weather and muddy conditions Scarlet managed to stay clean and won the puppy class and also reserve Best of Breed.

July 2012:

July 28th - Off to Leeds show with friend Jennifer and her whippet, Pepper. Good day for Scarlet who won best English setter puppy - her 4th such award so she now shares the top puppy spot with her kennel mate Luke. Amber decided she wouldn't stand still but still managed a 3rd in a strong limit class. No prize card for Pepper today but their classes are huge - much as they were in English Setters some years back.

July 24th - Mango keeps taking over the dog bed in the kitchen so Havoc moved to the sofa in the conservatory - to be followed by 2 kittens. It all seems to be working out OK and the dogs are getting used to having the cats around. Havoc has even resigned herself to sharing the sofa with them in the evenings.

July 20th - well, the kittens have finally arrived. David has decided on the names - Mango for the red male and Lychee for his lilac sister. They are very confident but we are still going to introduce them to the dogs very slowly and under close supervision - especially the GSPs. They have decided that the dog cage is by far the best toy around! Suprisingingly they still use it as a climbing frame even when we put a dog in it.

July 4th - yet another cute youngster. A baby female barn owl, approx 6weeks old, in the fields near our house - she had just been ringed by our local conservation group who are monitoring the barn owl population in Nottinghamshire.Time for a quick photo then back into the nestbox with her 2 brothers to wait for the next feed to arrive from Mum.

Continuing on the cute theme here is a pic of out latest grandaughter - Lola all dressed up and ready to go home from hospital. She was born last week near Sydney, Australia and Clare, Justin and baby are all doing well.

July 2nd - A second visit to see the kittens. They have certainly grown and are now very active! Only a few weeks now before we collect our two. Unfortunately most of the the photos came out dark and blurred but believe me they were very cute!

July 1st - English Setter Association open show at Chieveley and so another long drive for me - this time alone. This was Luke's last show as a puppy and he finished his puppy career in style by winning his classes, taking Best Puppy in Show and also the Reserve best dog award.

During his first 6 months in the showring he has won 12 championship show firsts which include:

Best Puppy in Breed at Birmingham National and shortlisted in the Gundog Puppy Group
Best Puppy in Breed at Bath and placed 3rd in the Puppy Group
Best Puppy in Show at English Setter Society of Wales
Best Puppy Dog at English Setter Association
Best Puppy Dog at Windsor

Best Puppy in Show at Midland English Setter open show.

In fact he has never been beaten in any class,only losing out for the Best Puppy award twice - one of which was to Scarlet at Windsor! Lets hope he can continue his winning ways in the Junior classes this Autumn.

Luke at ESA open show

Scarlet at ESA open show

Scarlet also won her classes and was declared best bitch puppy so a very succesful day for us.

Thanks to Tereza and ESA for the photos

June 2012:

June 29th - Off to Windsor Championship show with quite a car full of dogs and people. A very successful day with Luke winning Puppy and Junior dog, Scarlet winning puppy bitch and litter sister Lacie gaining second. Logan was 4th in limit and litter brother Rooney was 2nd in open. Scarlet topped off the day by winning best puppy in breed and then the Petplan puppy bitch stakes.

Thanks to Nick, Teresa and Graham for the photos.

Jolley's Wansleydale Loganberry at Jolymore ShCM,2CC & 1 res CC

Watkin's Sh Ch Wansleydale Rowanberry at Valsett

Luke on the move

Scarlet winning Best PuppyNigel and Lacie showing their paces

Windsor show gave me the opportunity to catch up with Wansleydale for Vanquish and her owner Yolande Falise from Belgium. Paige, as she is known at home, is now 2years old - she is a daughter of Amber and I haven't seen her since she left for Belgium when she was 10 weeks. She has done very well in her show career on the continent and is well on her way to her championship title. This was Yolanda's first chance to meet Paige's father, Loganberry, and her litter brother Sonny.


Yolanda with Paige and dad LoganSonny and Paige

June 22nd - 24th. Spent all Friday afternoon getting Scarlet and Luke ready for Blackpool Championship show tomorrow only to hear that due to the terrible weather it has been cancelled. Wished someone had told me earlier! At least Scarlet is ready for Derby County show on Sunday ( if I can keep her clean and dry for 2 days)
She did stay resonably clean and we made it to the show where she won Best English Setter puppy.

June 16th - Up to Northumberland today with friend Jennifer and her Jenaul whippets. We are having a few days staying in our Railway Station close to the coast and including a trip to the Border Union show. The weather on show day was absolutely awful - raining most of the time and the walkways around the showground were just a sea of mud. Suprisingly the rings were OK. Gave up trying to keep the setters clean as everyone's dogs were in the same state. Nevertheless a very succesful day as Sonny won his class, Logan won limit dog and the reserve dog CC, Scarlet won her class and the best puppy award and Amber was awarded the reserve bitch CC! Jennifers whippet's were also in the cards so all in all a good day - the only downside is that I couldn't make it in time to get to the GSP ring to show Lottie. Always a potential problem when showing 2 breeds. Stopped off on the way back to the Station at Bamburgh beach to give the dogs a good run and the opportunity to wash off the mud as they played in the sea.

Logan winning his class

Logan and Sonny (with Barbara handling) after challenging for Best Dog

Much better weather for the next few days and we even managed a bit of sunbathing!

Amber enjoying a cuddle with Flo the whippet looking on

Amber sunbathing in peace !

Lots of time for long walks on the lovely Northumberland beaches

Whippets Flo & Pepper with Lottie

Waiting for Jennifer to throw the ball

Scarlet gets it!

No way my dogs can keep up with the whippets at full speed

June 14th - our first visit to see the kittens and make our choices. They are 6 weeks old now and looking so cute. We have decided on one of the lilac females and the red male. Still a while until they can come home with as as pedigree kittens stay with their mother until they have completed their full course of vaccinations at 13 weeks.

June 8th - horrible weather for 3 Counties show at Malvern making it very difficult to keep Scarlet and Amber clean. Amber was 3rd in limit but Scarlet was our star of the day winning Best English Setter puppy and getting shortlisted in the strong Gundog Puppy group.

June 6th - a day out at Staffordshire Agricultural Show with neighbour Jane and her Border Terrier Ronnie who won his class. No English Setter puppy class today so Scarlet was in Junior and although she didn't win this class she was still eligible to compete for Best Gundog Puppy later in the day and was awarded Puppy Group 4. Thanks to Jane's friend Alex for the lovely photo.

May 2012:

End of May - at last, Karla has learnt to swim! After many months of hesitant attempts she has now gained confidence and is swimming strongly to retreive. I think the hot weather helped - not so sure she will be as willing when the water is cold.

Off she goes

Nearly thereRetreive item collected

Bringing it back

May 26th - back from the north east in time to get the dogs ready for Bath championship show. A really hot and sunny day. Star of the day was Luke who won best English Setter puppy and then third place in the Gundog puppy group. Amber was feeling the heat and wasn't on best form but still managed a 4th in limit, Sonny was 2nd in Graduate and Lottie won her Post Graduate GSP class.

May 21st - travelled up to Northumberland yesterday evening as soon as I was back from MESS show. This is the first time Luke and Scarlet have been to the coast and it was all very exciting for them! On the whole all of the dogs behaved very well and we were so lucky to have fabulous weather for the 5 days we were there.

Off on the beach at Lindisfarne

Enjoying the seaFlint doing his own thing!

Luke looking for seagulls

Scarlet chasing the waves Seven wet and tired dogs!

the beach is full of seaweed but, of course, Luke and Scarlet both want the same piece!

May 20th - Midland English Setter open show. Too cold for judging outdoors so all inside at Baginton village hall. A very succesful day with Luke winning Best Puppy in Show and his half brother Bramstorm Walk the Line (another son of Sh Ch Wansleydale Cloudberry at Bramstorm) winning Best in Show - well done Stella and Austin. Scarlet won reserve best puppy in show and Barbara handled Sonny to first place in the yearling class!

Luke - Best Puppy in Show

Scarlet - reserve Best Puppy in ShowSonny and Barbara

BIS line up. Luke - far left, Austin - centre. Many thanks to MESS for the photos.

May 16th - sunny and dry so a lovely day to enjoy a walk in our local woods with some of the dogs. It's bluebell time again and the woods are so pretty at this time of year.

Havoc, Lottie & Karla

Amber and HavocLottie, Karla & Havoc

We have both missed having a cat around the place and on a recent visit to Bob & Lyn Sketchley's David was very taken with their Burmese who were so friendly. So, I decided to order him one for his birthday. Somehow one has turned into 2!. They won't be with us for some time yet as pedigree kittens are not allowed to go to their new homes until they are over 12weeks. Not sure yet what colours we are having but I am sure they will all be lovely.

Mum and 2 week old lilac female kitten

May 10th - off to the National Dog Show at Stafford. At last a relatively sunny day so managed to keep the setters clean and dry on the way into the show. Good start to the day with Luke winning both of his classes - the judge liked him so much he was one of only 3 males to be seriously considered for Best Dog even though he is only 10mths old. Sonny was first in his class, Lacie had 2 seconds and Amber was placed 3rd in limit. To finish off the day Luke was awarded best English Setter puppy and was then shortlisted in the Gundog puppy group.

May 1st - a visit from stepdaughter Rachel and her 3 little ones - twins Evie and Jess are celebrating their 4th birthday this week and younger sister Tilly was 2 last January. The girls always made a huge fuss of Domino the cat whom we lost earlier this year and so we needed a "substitute". Karla was called into service and spent the afternoon being decorated with necklaces and stickers!

Karla with Jess and Tilly

April 2012:

Finished April with an extremely cold, wet day at WELKS show held at the 3 Cos. showground, Malvern. No classes here for English Setters so it was just Karla today. She hates showing indoors and as the weather was so appalling all breeds were exhibited inside in the cattle sheds. It was noisy, over crowed and damp and although she wasn't enjoying her day out she did get a 4th place in a really strong limit class - one place higher than her 5th place at the recent German Shorthaired Pointer Association championship show.

April 22nd - English Setter Society championship show at Stonleigh . A good example of the vagaries of dog show judging - bitch CC at Crufts for Amber only 6 weeks ago but barely a glance from the bitch judge today! First time that I can remember when Amber hasn't come home with at least a card. Scarlet didn't fare much better but Nigel did win minor puppy bitch class with litter sister Lacie.

Pleased to say we had better luck with the dog judge - Luke won both of his classes and also Best Puppy Dog

Thanks to Nick, Ann and Eddie for the photos.

Luke beginning assessed by judge

Luke winning the classLuke after winning Best Puppy Dog

April 18th and I was judging pointers, gundog varieties and Best in Show at Windsor Gundog's premier open show. It was a long drive down to the venue, Kempton Park racecourse, and the weather was terrible and traffic very heavy. Judging was outdoors, albeit under a canopy, but it was still cold and wet for the dogs. Needless to say the pointers, along with the other short coated breeds really felt the chill and this certainly affected some dogs performances and consequently their placings. There were some really good dogs present and some very promising puppies.
I awarded Best in Show to an impressive weimaraner - Show Champion Sharnphilly Awesome. Despite the cold he put up a fine performance and outmoved all other exhibits today. Best Puppy in Show was a real baby English Springer spaniel, Peasblossom Jester. He was only just over 6months old but such a showman and seemed totally unaware that it was cold and wet!.

Mid April and off to Newmarket for the KC training day for pointing dogs. Only 4 in my group and we were fortunate to have Peter O'Driscoll as our group's trainer. We all had a great day and although the game was somewhat elusive it gave the dogs the opportunity for some serious hunting.

Karla quartering the ground

"Dropped on the whistle"

Scenting partridges

Eager for her next "run"

Caroline O'Neill's pointer,Leyla

Group photo at the end of the day

Thanks to Linda Westron for the great photos.

On a much happier note our 2 new puppies, Luke and Scarlet (who are both Blackbird's great grand children) made their championship show debuts at the English Setter Society of Wales show. It was a very succesful day for us with Scarlet winning her minor puppy bitch class and her sister Lacie gaining second place.

Linda with Scarlet

Nigel with Lacie

Thanks to Nick Darley for the photos.

Luke won his dog classes and then amazingly went on to win Best Puppy in Show. Not to be outdone by the puppies the older boys also excelled - Sonny won the yearling class and then the star of the day was his sire, W. Loganberry at Jolymore, who won limit dog and also the dog CC ! This is his 2nd CC so fingers crossed he soon gets his 3rd.Congratulations to Logan and owners Barbara & Graham. Also keeping it in the family, reserve dog CC was awarded to Oliver's Bramstorm Walk the Line - Austin is also a great grandson of Blackbird!.

W. King of Hearts at Bramstorm & W. Loganberry at Jolymore winning BPIS & Reserve BIS at ESSW

A very, very sad start to April as the time had come to say goodbye to Faith, Sh Ch Wansleydale Blackbird.

Faith after winning her 2nd CC at Driffield, October 2000

Faith had her 14th birthday at the beginning of the year and although she developed a minor heart complaint in her later years she was fit and happy throughout her life. She was a prolific winner for us and appealed to most judges - not heavily campaigned she won 15CC, 12 Best of Breeds and 7 res CCs, group 2 at Manchester in 2001 and shorlisted in the group at Crufts 2002. It was dissapointing that we only managed one litter from her - when mated for a second time she developed a womb infection and had to be spayed. However, from her litter came our Sh Ch Wansleydale Blackberry who not only excelled in the showring but was also one of the breeds top top brood bitches producing, to date from 2 litters, 5 show champions with a further 3 offspring who are CC OR res CC winners. Faith's other well known daughter, Wansleydale Songbird at Bramstorm, was unlucky not to gain her title and finished her show career with 1CC & 11 res CCs.

Faith and grand daughters Sh Ch W. Cloudberry at Bramstorm & W. Mulberry taken summer 2011

A very special lady who will always be remembered not only for her show successes but also for her super temperament - she epitomizes for me all that is require in an English Setter.

March 2012:

A hectic day at Crufts - English Setters were in Hall 1 at the NEC and the GSPs were as far away as possible in Hall 4. The day started off well with a second in Veteran for Ingrid Young and Wansleydale Waterloo to Ingella.

Lewi is almost 10 and Ingrid has said she will retire him this year but he looks so well and is as extrovert as ever on the move that I am sure he has a few more Crufts appearances still to come.

Next in the ring was Sonny who also won second prize in his first class - yearling dog. It was then a mad dash to get across to Hall 4 for Lottie's class leaving Barbara to handle Sonny to his first place in the Good Citizens class.

Linda showing Sonny in the Yearling class

Sonny winning Good Citizen class with Barbara handling

Quite a wait at the GSP ring for Lottie's yearling class but worth it as she won first prize. By the time I got back to Hall 1 the English Setter dog judging was complete. So time to sit and watch the bitch judging, chat to other exhibitors, friends and overseas visitors and get Amber ready for her class. What a thrill when she won Limit bitch and then went on to win best bitch and the KC Challenge Certificate.

Bitch CC winner Crufts 2012 Moorbrook Golden Girl at Wansleydale with reserve CC winner Sh Ch Mariglen Francesca Fenston and judge - Keith Smith

February 2012:

Came home from the holiday on 7th Feb and this time there was still lots of snow around on my return. Coming home to temperatures of -10c when it was 32c in Borneo certainly makes your eyes water! Home just in time to start the battle with Scarlet to get her bathed and trimmed for her debut show appearance at Leicester Gundog Society's open show on the 11th of Feb. She behaved reasonably well considering she is only just over 6 months old and has had very little ring training - I was delighted when she won the puppy class. By this time she was getting tired and it was very cold so I decided not to wait to compete for best puppy in show.

Sister Lacie also began her show career this month and certainly started with a bang - Best Puppy in Show at Mid Western Gundog show along with a 2nd place the following day at Midland English Setter Society's championship show. Congratulations to Nigel and Jane - I can see Scarlet will have some stiff competition!.

Scarlet after Leics Gundog show

Lacie at MESS

I was not entered at this show as it was originally due to be held when I was on holiday but due to the snow it was postponed and rescheduled for mid February. Disappointing not to be able to take Luke and Scarlet. However, I did show Sonny and he won the Yearling class.

Sonny maturing nicely and winning his class at MESS.

January 2012:

Just managed to fit in Boston show before jetting off to Australia for a week and then onto a cruise for a futher 3 weeks travelling up through the Barrier Reef and then onto Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and finishing up in Borneo. My only dog entered at Boston was Lottie - and she won 1st in Graduate so hopefully will continue to carry on her winning ways after her succesful 2011.
The 4 weeks in the sun were great and while in Australia we had the opportunity to visit family and also Sandra & Alan Farmer who emigrated out there about 4 years ago. Many of you will remember they had the Bellesett English Setters here for many years.

Just one of the lovely beaches we visited.

December 2011:

December started with a trip to Northern English Setter Society. It was a rare show outing for Flint who really enjoyed his day out but failed to catch the judge's eye although he looked good to me and moved very well!.

Amber did better in the bitch ring winning her first limit class and with it her Kennel Club stud book number. The weather has been awful and the dogs are constantly covered in mud on their walks - for example Amber!

Good job she scrubs up well for the shows!

This show was soon followed by the last championship show of the year - LKA held at the NEC. I managed to miss the closing date for entries at this show so just went along as a spectator and showed Sonny who finished his year in style by winning his last class in Junior. 2012 will see him joining the big boys!

Time to do some shopping at the show - I need to buy a dog coat and grooming tool for a friend's Cavalier before stopping off at the Eukanuba stand for a welcome cup of tea and mince pies.

November 2011:

A quiet month - I only attended 1 show, Midland English Setter Society, but we had a good day with Sonny going home with a handfull of cards and Amber winning reserve best bitch. Sonny had also been to Setter & Pointer and Southern English Setter Society championship shows with Barbara and Graham and won 1st and 2nd prizes.

Amber bathed up and ready for MESS show

The pups continue to grow well and are going to ring craft every Thursday. Hopefully they will soon be able to stand for a decent photo!

October 2011:

Inca's pups are now 8weeks old and it's time to decide which to keep. Both are lovely and I can't make my mind up. The one I do not keep is going to Nigel and Jayne ( Anlory Setters) so I decide to let them take which ever they prefer. It takes them ages to decide but eventually the choice is made and they go off with Lacie - Wansleydale Ribbons 'n Lace over Anlory. I am sure those Irish setters at Anlory are going to wonder what's hit them! It's always said that Irish Setters are "mad" but Nigel's are very calm and these pups of Inca's are 2 of the livliest pups I can remember. I have decided to call my puppy Wansleydale Scarlet Ribbon - Scarlet as her pet name. Lucky for us she has Luke to play with although we have to watch she doesn't bully him too much even though he is 4 weeks older than her.

Scarlet 8wks

Lacie head 8wksLacie 8wks

Highlight of the month show wise has to be Sonny ( Wansleydale Tribute to Jolymore) winning the reserve CC from the Junior class at Midland Counties show.

Well done Sonny!

September 2011:

September 4th - had a lovely day judging English Setters at Birmingham championship show then home to pack for our weeks family holiday in Rhodes. Inca and her pups are going to stay for the week with Stuart and Yvonne who own Sam, the pup's sire. They have never looked after pups this young ( 5 weeks old) and seem under the misapprehension that they will be asleep most of the time. They are going to be in for quite a suprise! Some of the others are staying at home with Anne, a friend who helps out with dog sitting, and some including 9 week old Luke are going for their holiday to the Anlory Irish Setter kennel. The holiday was lovely - nice to have a dog free time now and again. Collected all the dogs - everyone OK although I think Stuart and Yvonne aare somewhat shell shocked!

Finished September on a real high as Karla amazed us by winning the bitch CC and Best of Breed at Driffield at only 17mths!

Steve Nesbitt, a well known dog artist, has done this lovely painting of Karla. Check his website for limited edition prints from his wide range of artwork of many breeds of dogs -

At last the hard landscaping in the garden is complete - just needs all the planting sorting out next spring!

August 2011:

A busy start to the month as Inca ( Moorbrook Blue Ribbon at Wansleydale) is due to whelp. She has been mated to Sh Ch Wansleydale Magic Star and disappointingly is only scanned for 2 puppies. Eventually, a few days late, she safely delivered 2 pups - both bitches and with black ears so certainly not orange. Perhaps I am going to get my tricolour bitch after all.

Pups 2days oldHead study of mum, Inca

Due to our garden revamp we were kept mostly at home. Haze was getting fed up with her puppy, who we had decided to call Luke, and so Havoc took over the babysitting duty amid the builders rubble. I continued to look for orange spots appearing on Inca's puppies, but to no avail - both are blue and look like 2 peas in a pod!.

Should look good when it's finished.

"Auntie" Havoc and Luke

One of the terrible twins at 4weeks

A quiet month show wise. However Sonny won 2nd Junior at Paignton ( and his sire Loganberry wonnning Open dog )and 1st Junior at National Gundog.Karla won reserve in Junior and 2nd in Novice. The month finished on a high with Lottie winning the final points for her Junior Warrant at Leicester open show.

Lottie after winning her JW

July 2011:

Early July saw the arrival of Haze's ( Sh Ch W.Cloudberry at Bramstorm) 1 puppy - we knew she was only having one as she had been scanned 5 weeks after mating her to Flint ( Sh Ch W. Royal Flush). As is often the case with single puppies a caesarian section was necessary and my fingers were crossed that all went well for Haze and that we would have a healthy tricolour bitch puppy. I was so optomistic about the pup being female that all the towels, hotwater bottle etc I took with me to the vet's were pink. It was not to be - I went home an hour later with a groggy Haze and a strong, noisy pure white dog pup. He's sure to be orange!

As you can see I did change his vetbed to blue!

On the show scene Lottie won her classes at Windsor, Peterborough and Leeds and Karla gained 2nd place at Peterborough.Amber kept the "setter" flag flying with a 2nd in limit at Leeds - her only show this month.

On the working scene Karla had a training day at Rory Major's kennel which was a great experience and then later in the month her first taste of gundog working tests. She suprised me by doing quite well - I knew she wouldn't be in the cards as she is still a reluctant swimmer and one of the tests is a water retreive. True to form she refused to go in so more swimming practise is definitely needed.

Karla on point

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